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About Us | 关于我们

50 Years Of Great Taste


Muar Yuen Chen Siang is backed by more than 50 years of dietary wisdom and has become a trusted household brand name in the production of healthier barbecued meat and meat floss.

Since 1969, our production process has withstood significant adaptations to change, discerning tastes, new technology and quality control. The original recipe yield on using only the finest, freshest and natural ingredients to produce great flavours, so you can rest assured that the products from us would never compromise on taste and quality.

Our determination on product quality makes our brand name a household identity. Hence, it make ideal as festive gift or for self-consumption.




The Story of Master Goh


In Muar during the sixties, at the back alley of 2nd Avenue Street, stood a grey-haired man and his bicycle, selling fresh pork & pieces of barbecued meat every morning, religiously. So fresh and tasty that they were worth every penny. Soon, attracted more people who came specifically for what he sells best. This is how Master Goh Chin Gong and his brand Muar Yuen Chen Siang became known.

Famous for barbecued meat, customers simply came for their distinctive taste and flavour. Despite the fact, Master Goh insisted that they are made with only the finest ingredients and under the strictest surveillance. It was this persistence that made them comply with the food and health safety features.

Demands increase with time. Muar Yuen Chen Siang has withstood the Gourmet period (1969-1973), Convenience period (1973-1983), Appearance period (1983-1990) and Health-conscious period (1990-2002). Therefore, research and improvement were progressively conducted to ensure demands met – taste and texture, convenience, exquisite packaging and dietary quality.

For over 50 years of dietary wisdom, Master Goh pursuits improvements. Constant research and implementation of new technology smoothens the production line, supports the development of new flavours, and enriches the dietary quality with lower cholesterol levels and higher nutritional value. Maintaining a good reputation was Master Goh’s honour and pride.

Master Goh insisted that food products should be bought with confidence, fit as a heart-warming gift and be eaten with a peace of mind.






Four of Master Goh’s insistence
  1. Seasoned with natural spices
  2. Handmade
  3. No sodium nitrite added
  4. No trans fats
  1. 坚持采用天然香料
  2. 坚持手工制作
  3. 坚持无添加亚硝酸钠
  4. 坚持不含反式脂肪

HACCP & GMP Certifications

HACCP危害分析重点管制系统 及GMP优良制造标准

Food safety is of great importance to Muar Yuen Chen Siang. Therefore, the production process adopts the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations to identify hazards systematically – evaluate, control and monitor throughout the manufacturing process. The production process also conforms to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, from raw ingredients, materials, employees, facilities, equipment, production process, packaging, transportation, quality control and more, are strictly compliant to the law and regulations to achieve hygienic quality requirements and maintain environment sanitation. Improvement will be made with the slightest deviation in the production process. Going through the strict, complicated and demanding process is worth it when it could bring safe, hygienic, better quality food to Muar Yuen Chen Siang’s customers.

源珍香特别重视食品安全,因此生产过程采用危害分析重点管制系统(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System,简称HACCP。)透过有系统的方式确认危害(Hazards),评估、控制及监测任何制造过程,当产品加工过程或是任何步骤改变时,HACCP系统亦重新审核并作随着适当修改。生产过程亦依照GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) 优良制造标准。无论是原料、员工、设施设备、生产过程、包装运输、质量控制等方面都严格按照国家有关法规达到卫生质量要求,保持环境卫生,并且若生产过程中稍微出现一点偏差,都得以改善。过程尽管程序繁复,需重重把关,但若能为源珍香的顾客带来更好的品质,即使对自身要求如此苛刻,一切也是值得的!

International Awards & Accreditations


Since the beginning, Muar Yuen Chen Siang focuses on striving to do the very best, and this is out of the insistence on the values and responsibility for the brand. We are racing against our past self, as we are our greatest enemy. We have done our best within our capabilities, and we are satisfied when customers deeply trust us. We passed the professional and rigorous audits and have been recognised by authoritative awards. All these has been the encouragement and affirmation of our entrepreneurship!